Human Resource Consultancy

Payroll Management and Compliance:

Payroll is one of the most important aspects of human resources management. If payroll is managed efficiently and properly, employees will be paid on time and the correct deductions will be made and sent to the appropriate places. If payroll is not managed properly, employees may quit or complain. Sometimes, hefty fines can even be levied against your company, affecting the bottom line and the company’s ability to function.

We can help your company manage payroll correctly and automatically, which then leads to compliance issues being handled without a thought or any extra effort. In addition to making deductions and proper distributions, We can also help ensure reports are filed correctly and punctually. Having our team to handle these functions can help to reduce the likelihood of tax audits, improve the odds of passing an audit, and minimize the chances of being penalized for non-compliance issues.

Strategic Manpower Planning:

Strategic HR planning is an important component of strategic HR management. It links HR management directly to the strategic plan of your organization. Most mid- to large sized organizations have a strategic plan that guides the organization in successfully meeting its mission. Organizations routinely complete financial plans to ensure they achieve organizational goals and while workforce plans are not as common, they are just as important.

Even a small organization with as few as 10 staff can develop a strategic plan to guide decisions about the future. Based on the strategic plan, an organization can develop a strategic HR plan that will allow to make HR management decisions to support the future direction of the organization. Strategic HR planning is also important from a budgetary point of view so that you can factor the costs of recruitment, training, etc. into your organizational budget.

We designed our strategic workforce planning offerings to help you predict the impact business decisions have on your staffing needs – before they happen. Our aim is to ensure you have an adaptable workforce that can meet the demands of all your stakeholders. It’s all about making sure you have people with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

Manpower Planning and Recruitment

Recruitment Process Orientation:

Recruitment and Selection refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a position while incorporating employment equity principles and practices. The purpose of this service is to assist those involved in hiring to apply best practice recruitment, selection and orientation procedures and techniques which help to ensure selection of the best possible candidate in terms of meeting the specific requirements of the role.

Executive Search and Selection:

We care for staffing your company, identifying and evaluating the best  labour market has to offer, so that you integrate into your team the most suitable executives and talented professionals who will help to create value for your company. Our methodology and tools allow us to identify with success both top executives in local and international markets, as well as emerging talents.

We work with you in order to understand your strategic objectives, your workplace environment, and your current and future needs within the specific conditions of your market.

Overseas Recruitment:

We do overseas (mass/bulk) recruitments for our clients in Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and African Countries for highly skilled/ semi-skilled/ unskilled personnel in the field of Oil and Gas, Commissioning, Construction, Catering, Petro-Chemicals, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Hotels, Maintenance & Cleaning from places across India, Srilanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines through our branches and associate offices.

Job Seekers Consultancy

Soft Skill and Personality Development Training:

We will help you in improvising your overall personality by enriching your mind with positive thoughts and helps you to overcome your weaknesses and succeed in your life.

Interview Training:

Ability to face Interview gracefully is an art. You can develop this skill so that you will be able to excel in your career. Interviews are part of and parcel of corporate career. Interviews are used not just for recruitment, but even for selection for some key roles within a company too. Therefore, mastering the art of facing interview will make you triumphant.

Professional Resume/CV Building:

We make professionally attractive and content driven CV`s that are written by Experts to get you interview calls, job offers and internal promotions. Get your CV rewritten today and see for yourself gain momentum in your career!

CV Distribution:

It is essential that the CV is viewed by the right people.  CV distribution in Dubai is essentially the process of distributing your CV to large number of employers within a matter of few minutes. It is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to prospect employers in Middle-east. It also helps in cutting down the hard work involved in job hunting process and lets you apply to more positions without the hassle of filling out forms every single time. We distribute your CV from mid to top level global organizations eliminating small time companies and traders. Our distribution network in UAE covers freezones as well. A single order for CV Distribution will cover any one country in Middle-east.

Creating Linkedin profile:

Unsatisfied with your ordinary-looking profile? Why opting for online designs when you can also get your own profile designed by our professional LinkedIn profile writers? We just need your support in getting your professional expertise and relevant background information. Be on the top list of recruiters now!

Management Consultancy

We provide state of the art business set up and management services that aims to support your business setup requirements with utmost diligence and efficiency.

Setting up business is no piece of cake and we help our clients in making all the right decisions at the right time within the stringent laws of the local government.

With our experience and expertise, we constantly strive to help our clients save their time, effort and money.

We do consulting in design of accounting methods or procedures, cost accounting programmes, budgetary control procedures.

We also advice and help to businesses and public services in,

  • Planning, Organizing, Efficiency and Control and Management Information etc.
  • Creating company profiles in social medias
  • Purchase or Sale New and Old Business
  • New Business Setup in Mainland and Free zones
  • Arranging Local Sponsors
  • Trade License New/Renewal
  • Labour Department Works
  • Immigration Department Works
  • Economic and other Legal department works
  • Certificate Attestation
  • Legal Agreements/Documents Attestation
  • Visa Services – Employment, Family and Tourist/Visit

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